Ass Banger is a quest to receive the status of the same name. It is needed to upgrade Cindy to the 4th level. It gives a 10000 bucks and 1000 experience reward.

Cindy says:

  • Become an Ass Banger (complete 'Ass Banger' quest)

Clicking the "Show me" button lets Uncle explain:

  • Australian men love it when chicks deep-throat. Organize a bordello with 10 best suckers and a great beach bar to chill out afterwards. You'll be rewarded an Ass Banger status when you complete this task.
    • Organize a bordello and upgrade it to the 3rd level
    • Build a beach bar and upgrade it to the 3rd level
    • Visit 8 nude beaches and impress chicks with your huge cock.

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