Beijing is the 5th special city in the game that became available in April 2015. The local chick is Wang Li - an agent who tries to seduce you to put a hand on your secret documents, the local boss of Beijing is the Commissar.

Commissar Edit



The local boss in this city is the Commissar. You can fight him once every 30 minutes (which may be skipped by spending 15 gold). Winning a fight rewards you with an item, which is used to advance the quest storyline, and 20 mojo.



Anal fuck Edit

"Visit a party" (price: 89 gold, reward: 180 Coins + 1 random girl)

Zodiac Edit

"Visit a party" (price: 89 gold, reward: 180 Coins + 1 random girl)


The local collection is named Chinese orders, it is needed to upgrade Wang Li to the third level. Completing it rewards 125 experience and 150 gold.

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