• Wildecoyote

    city list

    July 14, 2016 by Wildecoyote

    I made the following table and was wondering what you all think. please feel free to say if you think I need to add anything or whatever. I think I got most of the links right. well at least I tried to link what I could.

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    City No City image City Name Locations One Time Job Business image Businesses Girls Image Girl's Name opens City on completion
    London Hospital Host a party
    Sex salon
    Mary Los Angeles
    Fitness center
    Los Angeles Club House Steal a car
    Model Agency
    Pearl New York
    University Park
    Porn studio
    New York University Rob a Taxi driver
    Amy Paris
    Gym Detroit
    Jessica's house
    Wall Street Firm Cruise ship
    Anna's house Madagascar
    Paris Disco Club Steal a …

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  • Wildecoyote

    Add your user name and count User:Wildecoyote 37/37

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  • Chrlihs

    Girls Pack

    October 3, 2014 by Chrlihs

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    For those who want all girls images in one pack.

    The images are raw: uncensored.

    The pack includes a little offline 'HTML+Javascript' viewer, named: display.html.

    Download link (update 2014-11-03):

    Second pack 45th week of 2014 - 2014-11-03 (this pack also includes all jobs, meetings and the previous images):




    Torrent link (update 2014-09-09):

    Torrent (Pirate Bay) First pack 38th week of 2014

    The galleries links (update 2014-11-21):

    - Parties 260 images

    - Cities 52 images

    - Completed tasks of cities' girls 39 images

    - Bank 144 images

    - Banners 18 images

    - Contests 312 images

    - Jobs 13 images

    - Meet 13 images

    - Businesses 26 images

    - Tutor 10 images

    The preview page (JSFiddle)…

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  • Batfan17

    I'm Back!

    July 1, 2014 by Batfan17


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