Bridge is the third location of Revolution is not gonna happen!, the main quest of Washington.

Damn, they like you!
Cost: 6x8 energy, 6x hero accessory 6/5
Reward: 6x110 bucks, 6x750 experience, 6x10 coins mojo
Look, they are having fun!
Cost: 6x8 energy, 6x body 6/2, 6x hero accessory 7/5
Reward: 6x120 bucks, 6x1000 experience, 6x10 coins mojo
You’re gonna crash into the bridge fence!
Cost: 4x11 energy, 4x boots 6/4
Reward: 4x90 bucks, 4x1000 experience, 4x10 coins mojo
Seems like there's not gonna be any revolution.
Cost: 5x9 energy, 5x hat 8/1, 5x hero accessory 8/5
Reward: 5x110 bucks, 5x1000 experience, 5x10 coins mojo
Take off the wet clothes.
Cost: 5x10 energy, 5x boots 8/4, 5x body 8/2
Reward: 5x110 bucks, 5x1000 experience, 5x10 coins mojo

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