Broken hearts

Broken heart

The Valentine's Day 2015 event was similar to the weekly competition. However, instead of collecting mojo you collected broken hearts. The more broken hearts you gained, the higher your rank. If you were within the top 3000 then you won a prize; the top prize being a set of three unique girls. The competition ended at 00:00 UTC, 1st March 2015 (i.e. it ran until the end of February), at which point broken hearts were replaced with mojo rewards.

Ranking Prize
1-100 First, second and third girl
101-250 First and second girl
251-650 First girl
651-3000 50 gold and 50,000 bucks

Contest rewards for Valentine's Day 2015 competition:

Cupid 1
1. Fat cupid
Dark Angel 1
2. Fallen cupid
Angel Lovers 1
3. Lesbian cupids

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