Cindy (the cop) is a girl from the story that you can add to your gang after completing the Sydney Quests.


Cindy is a cop in Sydney. She thinks you're an asshole but fun to hang out with, and you're rowdy which makes her horny. But she thinks you're crazy asking to have sex with a cop. Cindy is trying to get promoted when you meet her. She still needs to catch four criminals to reach her goal. If you're willing to commit crimes and let her catch you she will let you do anything to her. Cindy does eventually give you a hard handjob as a "punishment".

You sneak into her house through the window while she's taking a shower. You take photos of her naked in the shower but she notices you spying on her, taking photos while masturbating to her naked body. She says you're under arrest. She said she won't take you to the police station but keeps your clothes and photos you've taken of her, making you go home naked.


Obtained by Weekly contest
Rarity Position 650 or better
Level 1 2 3 4

Cindy 1

Cindy 2

Cindy 3c

Cindy 4c

Attack 50 75 100 125
Defense 50 75 100 125
N/A Pink Plug x10
Skull Ring x10
Sports Car x10
Complete the Guns collection Become an Ass Banger or pay 100 gold

Background story

Rigid and prone to corruption cop. Has been divorced for a couple of years. Bisexual.


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