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I started playing this game a week ago, and i found it odd there isnt any sites with a tips, beginner walkthrough, etc. Please help me inform the masses, and lets please try to stay on topic.


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Frequent QuestionsEdit

What is mojo for?

Mojo are points you earn for a variety of specific activities, especially those that involve spending gold. They are used to win prizes in a weekly tournament, after which they reset.

Some methods of acquiring mojo are easily accessible to free players. For example, 5 points are awarded for successfully defeating an opponent in a Fight, which can be repeated every 10 minutes as stamina refreshes. Additionally, 20 points are awarded for beating a rival (also called a level boss in this wiki) on the special missions level. This doesn't require stamina, but the rival has a cool down period of 30 minutes after they have been challenged. Rivals can be challenged even after the story line for their city has been completed, so you have more chances to earn mojo in this way as you complete more cities.

The other methods of acquiring mojo are through spending gold. Free players can save up gold to spend in big bursts to place in individual weekly tournaments, but consistently placing in the top tier requires spending real money for virtual gold. (Also known in this context as "Fool's Gold" or "Dumbass's Bacon" by some unbiased players.) Such opportunities include purchasing items in the girls' and the hero's store, which nets mojo in a 1 to 1 ratio with gold spent, and by acquiring girls though hosting events, which nets mojo in a 2 to 1 ratio with gold spent (with the prospect of getting a large bonus for acquiring all girls in the newer parties).

It is easy to see how paid players are able to acquire a lot of mojo and ascend the ranks quickly. The actual amount of mojo you have does not matter directly, but after the tournament week ends you will receive an award based on your rank. For this reason, you can do quite well in your mojo harvesting for the week, but a lot of Dumbass's Bacon in play will still keep your ranking down.

Position 3001+ / Rank "Newbie" (Nothing)

Position 651-3000 / Rank "Amateur" (Cash and gold)

Position 251-650 / Rank "Goon" (One girl)

Position 101-250 / Rank "Gangsta" (Two girls)

Position 1-100 / Rank "RocknRolla" (Three girls)