Obtained by Valentine's Day 2015 special ranked contest
Rarity Position 650 or better
Level 1 2 3 4

Cupid 1

Cupid 2

Fat Cupid 3c

Fat Cupid 4c

Attack 25 30 36 44
Defense 25 30 36 44
N/A Diamond Pendants x 3
Glamour Watch x 1
Diamond Watch x 3
Glamour Watch x 2
Sapphire Statuette x 1
Glamour Watch x 3
Ruby Statuette x 2
Sapphire Statuette x 1


Image filename: zir
She doesn't have any non-visibly little story description.
Cupid is the Roman god of love (based on the Greek god Eros) and traditionally carries a bow and arrow with which to pierce the hearts of mortals and make them fall in love with each other.

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