Fucking Pro is a quest to receive the status of the same name. It is needed to upgrade Mayumi to the 4th level. It gives a 10000 bucks and 1000 experience reward.

Uncle says:

  • Some Japanese guys love masturbating in public. Build a night club and a public bath and upgrade them to the max level so they can masturbate there. Organize 8 orgies for them. You'll be rewarded a Fucking Pro title then.
    • Build a night club and upgrade it to the 3rd level
    • Open a japanese public bath and upgrade it to the 3rd level
    • Organize 8 gangbang orgies and get cool Japanese chicks there.

When you have completed the quest, Uncle says:

  • Very nicely done! Tell the cleaners to clean up the bath, please.

and Mayumi says:

  • You have a very big cock for our oriental butts and it hurts a lot, but the rite was fulfilled.

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