Obtained by Hosted event: Orgy - New York
Rarity Common
Level 1 2 3 4

Harlot 1

Harlot 2

Harlot 3

Harlot 4

Attack 15 17 19 21
Defense 15 17 19 21
N/A Emperor's Bracelet x3 
Sapphire Ring x2 
Diamond Pendants x1
Sapphire Ring x2 
Diamond Pendants x2 
Glamour Watch x1
Glamour Watch x2 
Sapphire Statuette x1

Background story

Whore from a cheap neighbourhood. Blowjob - $1, Classics - $3, Anal - $5. Regular customers get discounts... and a bunch of diseases. Good luck!


Image filename: 02_04

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