Helga (the president) is a woman from the story that you can add to your gang after completing the Reykjavik Quests.

Helga is the president of Iceland.


First, you are informed of a lottery with a first prize of $1,000,000,000.

1. You meet Helga's assistant at a bar. She tells you that she has an envelope with the name of the winner of the lottery. You act uninterested, but when the assistant gets totally wasted you put your name in the envelope. You win the first prize and are invited to a ceremonial dinner.

2. At the dinner you meet Helga's daughter who is drunk and begging for sex. After the dinner Helga asks you if you're interested in investing.

3. When you and Helga visit the aluminium factory, the volcano has an eruption. The factory is destroyed and Helga says that Iceland's economy will go down with it.

4. Helga explains the situation at a press conference. Helga begs you to return the lottery prize. You give back the lottery prize and Helga joins your gang.


Obtained by Victory at all costs. - Reykjavik
Rarity Quest
Level 1 2 3 4

Helga 1

Helga 2

Helga 3c

Helga 4c

Attack 75 100 125 150
Defense 75 100 125 150
N/A Emperor's Bracelet x3
Icicle x 1
Exclusive Ring x 1
Complete the Viking arms collection Ice bar level 3
Wind generator level 3
'Cheating Wives' party x8


Image filename: reykjavik

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