Lapland is a special 'city' in this game available around christmas. You must have completed the Paris quest first in order to unlock it.

You meet Santa, the local chick, who tells you that Christmas has been cancelled. It transpires that the dwarves (sic) are refusing to make toys for the world's children and so it's up to you to convince them to complete the task. The storyline is progressed with the use of gems acquired from the Dwarf King.

(The story and art is rather confused. Traditionally Santa lives near the North Pole with a host of elves who make toys. The storyline has mistakenly referred to these elves as dwarves, whilst the art files refer to them as gnomes!)

Dwarf kingEdit

Dwark king

The Dwarf King

There is no one-time job at Lapland. In its place you may instead challenge the Dwarf King to a fight, once every 30 minutes (which may be skipped by spending 15 gold). Winning a fight rewards you with a gemstone, which is used to advance the quest storyline, and 20 mojo

Gem Name Rarity

Dk emerald

Emerald Uncommon

Dk ruby

Ruby Uncommon

Dk amethyst

Amethyst Uncommon

Dk sapphire

Sapphire Uncommon

Dk diamond

Diamond Rare


  • The businesses have the same upgrade costs as the businesses at Sydney (which unlocks at the same time as Lapland) except for the final upgrade, where Lapland has lower gold requirements (but you're not spending gold on business upgrades, right?!).


Dwarf partyEdit

"Organize a party" (price: 69 gold, reward: 140 snow during 2014, later 140 mojo + 1 random girl)

New Year's Eve PartyEdit

"Organize a party" (price: 89 gold, reward: 180 snow during 2014, later 180 mojo + 1 random girl)

  • Lumi : (Common)
  • Milla : (Common)
  • Nelli : (Common)
  • Alisa : (Rare)
  • Sofia : (Epic)
  • Sanni : (Epic, super prize - collect all the other girls to unlock this one for free)


"Organize a party" (price: 89 gold, reward: 180 mojo + 1 random girl)

  • Rabbit : (Common)
  • Cat : (Common)
  • Squirrel : (Common)
  • Zebra : (Rare)
  • Tiger : (Epic)
  • Cow : (Epic, super prize - collect all the other girls to unlock this one for free)

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