Obtained by Hosted event: Porn Casting - Los Angeles
Rarity Epic
Level 1 2 3 4

Lara 1

Lara 2

Lara 3s

Lara 4

Attack 30 39 51 67
Defense 30 39 51 67
N/A Gold Watch x3 
Black Diamond Watch x3 
Diamond Watch x2
Diamond Watch x3 
Ruby Statuette x1
Diamond Watch x4 
Ruby Statuette x1 
Diamond Anal Beads x1

Background story

Strong, fearless and very beautiful. She's been gang-banged once by three tough studs and that has put her off group sex for life.


Inspired by Lara Croft from the game (and film) Tomb Raider
Name file: 01_04

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