Leticia is a girl from the primary storyline. She is being chased by the drugs mafia in Mexico.


Obtained by Quest in Mexico
Rarity Common
Level 1 2 3 4

Leticia 1

Leticia 2

Leticia 3c

Leticia 4c

Attack 75 100 125 150
Defense 75 100 125 150
N/A Emperor's Bracelet x3
Sombrero x1
Exclusive Ring x1
Complete the Art collection Become a Sadist (or pay 1000 gold)


No "easter egg" description in the source code.
Image filename: mexico

Upgrade Rewards

At level 2, Leticia takes off her top, so she is wearing her bra and shorts. She will let you watch her lick her girlfriend's pussy.

At level 3, Leticia ditches the shorts and the bra to show off her breasts. She will blow you while you pour tequila on your cock.

At level 4, Leticia is finally naked and playing with her hair. She will let you shove the tequila bottle in her ass.

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