Whenever you load the game there is a chance that you will be presented with a limited time offer. These provide you with a discount on a particular category of in-game items. They usually encourage you to spend real money or gold but can nevertheless be useful for free-to-play players to more quickly advance through some of the more tedious activities.

Known offersEdit

Offer Restrictions Duration Perceived rarity
10-30% off purchase of bucks/gold Bulk purchase discounts when spending real money N/A Permanent
$9.95 = + 1 girl; $19.95 = + 2 girls; $49.95 = + 3 girls None 2-4 hours Rare
50% off purchase of bucks/gold You just get double the bucks/gold for your money 2 hours Rare
50% off purchase of bucks/gold Half the normal price 2 hours Rare
50% off purchase of bucks/gold, epic bonus chick for large packs Either half price or double amount; multiple purchases yield same chick 8 hours Common (both versions about once every ten days)
80% off purchase of bucks/gold Gold only cost 1/5 real money 8 hours Very Rare*
Fivefold, for the same price Fivefold amounts of bucks/gold 8 hours Very Rare*
Upgrade items at 50% price Only for drops, not for businesses upgrades 8 hours Uncommon (once every 2-3 weeks)
50% off event hosting costs None 2-8 hours Uncommon (about once every 2 weeks)
50% off purchase/upgrade of My Biz businesses No broken hearts/clover/coins bonus is given 8 hours Uncommon (about once every 2 weeks)
50% off items in the My Store and Girls' Store None 8 hours Very Rare
50% off quest items from Beat up bosses Confirmed on San Francisco and Dublin 8 hours Rare; now abandoned?
Energy boost (-50% energy cost to complete jobs, rounded down) None 24 hours Very Rare
Free energy on bigger money purchases $10 (or more) purchases yield same amount energy as gold (accordingly also for bucks) 8 hours Uncommon (once every 2-3 weeks)
VirtuaGirl Visit the advertisement and get 5 gold N/A One-time offer; re-appears after deleting of browsing data (Cookies)

*Apparently never reappears after taking the offer once (though during one period multiple purchases are possible)

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