Lousy city is the main quest in Bucharest, you need to finish it to obtain Roxana. There are four locations where you should complete jobs. Completing the quest gives a 10 gold and 1350 experience bonus. Uncle says:

  • This is not a city, but a fucking farm! Get the fuck out of here as soon as possible; you want nothing to do with this place.
  • Complete all jobs in Bucharest

Bus stopEdit

You’re going to get your ass beaten right now.
Costs: 6x7 energy
Rewards: 6x150 bucks, 6x650 experience
Hop into the babe’s car
Costs: 7x6 energy
Rewards: 7x150 bucks, 7x700 experience
Meet beautiful ladies.
Costs: 4x2 energy, 4x Hat
Rewards: 4x150 bucks, 4x750 experience
Watch out! You're running into a car!
Costs: 6x8 energy
Rewards: 6x250 bucks, 6x800 experience
You've crashed! Go see a doctor!
Costs: 4x2 energy, 4x Tie, 4x Shirt
Rewards: 4x150 bucks, 4x900 experience
Bugs: the European emergency telephone number is 112, not 911


Visit a doctor
Costs: 4x9 energy
Rewards: 4x150 bucks, 4x1000 experience
They have rather... strange medical treatments here.
Costs: 4x9 energy
Rewards: 4x190 bucks, 4x1000 experience
Watch the babe being cured.
Costs: 4x8 energy
Rewards: 4x120 bucks, 4x1000 experience
Refuse such treatment.
Costs: 5x8 energy
Rewards: 5x85 bucks, 5x1250 experience
You are all under arrest!
Costs: 4x3 energy, 4x Hat, 4x Tie, 4x Gun
Rewards: 4x85 bucks, 4x1250 experience


Go to your prison cell.
Costs: 4x7 energy
Rewards: 4x110 bucks, 4x750 experience
This is your cell.
Costs: 8x5 energy
Rewards: 8x120 bucks, 8x1000 experience
Let the police get boozed.
Costs: 5x8 energy
Rewards: 5x90 bucks, 5x1000 experience
Wait to get away from here
Costs: 4x3 energy, 4x Shirt, 4x dictator's shoes, 4x Gun
Rewards: 4x110 bucks, 4x1000 experience
Get away from here.
Costs: 6x6 energy
Rewards: 6x110 bucks, 6x1000 experience


Go to the airport.
Costs: 7x5 energy
Rewards: 7x125 bucks, 7x1000 experience
Ask the flight attendant about the meal
Costs: 7x6 energy
Rewards: 7x110 bucks, 7x1000 experience, 1 random collectible
Take your seats.
Costs: 4x3 energy, 4x Tie, 4x Shirt, 4x Gun
Rewards: 4x250 bucks, 4x1000 experience
The airplane is unable to take off.
Costs: 5x6 energy
Rewards: 5x150 bucks, 5x1000 experience
She wants you… Take her offer.
Costs: 4x3 energy, 4x Hat, 4x Shirt
Rewards: 4x150 bucks, 4x1000 experience

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