Mayumi (the Schoolgirl) is a girl from the story that you can add to your gang after completing the Tokyo Quests. Mayumi is a college student in Tokyo.


In Mayumi's first quest she invites you to a traditional Japanese party. Upon arriving, You ask why everyone is naked. Mayumi answers that it's tradition and then everyone is drawing lots. Another Japanese woman is selected and jumps happily, it is announced that it is bukkake time. Later everyone cums all over the lucky girl, Mayumi tells you that now you have the right to have sex with her. While fucking her, a blonde chick says "Lucky bitch."

In the second quest, you and Mayumi want to go watch a sumo match. Mayumi knows a girl that you need to have sex with so she can to give you tickets. Mayumi shows you the girl appealing to her beauty, and you agree that she is cute. Mayumi reads some magazine while you are having sex with the girl. The girl scratches your back and you cum on her face. You and Mayumi watch the sumo match, and Mayumi says how much she likes it.

In third quest, Mayumi convinces you to have a race where the winner gets to have sex with the losers girl. You agree. You see the start of the race with a girl holding the flag. You are in the blue car, while the other guy is in the green car. You stare each other down. You win the race and laughs at the other guy. You have sex with his girl while Mayumi cheers in front of the loser. You leave while the guy tries to comfort his crying girl.

In fourth quest you and Mayumi are visiting the sex academy. While entering, Mayumi announces that you will love the place. You enter a class where there are naked girls with a teacher, and she says you are guest students and invites you to join an anal sex lesson. The teacher tells you to pick a partner and you choose one girl. While giving it in her ass, she screams that it hurts and her teacher is instructing her to relax. While the girl cries on the floor the teacher shares dildos to other students and tells them that they will all go through it. NOTE: the to-do action says "Cum inside", but You do not see this in the pictures.


Obtained by Sex Unlimited - Tokyo
Rarity Quest
Level 1 2 3 4





Attack 75 100 125 150
Defense 75 100 125 150
N/A Pink Plug x10
Skull Ring x10
Sports Car x10
Complete the Japan collection Become a Fucking Pro


Name file: tokyo