Plaza is the fourth location of Not-so Quiet Riot

Calculate expected casualties
Cost: 5x5 energy, 5x pants 6/3, 5x hero accessory 7/5
Rewards: 5x150 bucks, 5x650 experience, 5x10 coins
Introduce yourself to the rebels
Cost: 5x5 energy, 5x boots 6/4
Rewards: 5x150 bucks, 5x700 experience, 5x10 coins
Watch the orgy
Cost: 7x4 energy, 7x pants 2/3, 7x boots 1/4
Rewards: 7x150 bucks, 7x750 experience, 7x10 coins
Find the babe
Cost: 5x5 energy, 5x hero accessory 2/5
Rewards: 5x250 bucks, 5x800 experience, 5x10 coins
Tell her you're gonna get her out of here.
Cost: 6x5 energy, 6x body 8/2
Rewards: 6x150 bucks, 6x900 experience, 6x10 coins

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