San Francisco is a city that became available in February 2015, together with other Valentine's Day themed content. The storyline has San Francisco as the home to your bride to be: Violet! You must have completed Dublin before this content will open.

Wife's Lover Edit

Wifes lover

Your wife's lover, image tastefully cropped.

Your virgin wife has a lover! You can choose to pause and wrap your head around that paradox for a moment, or try to figure out why this is apparently not acceptable to your character who has thus far acquired his own personal harem. The double-standard is astounding! Don't think too long, though, as you have to fight him to regain her affection.

You can fight her lover once every 30 minutes, though this cool down period may be skipped by spending 15 gold. Winning a fight rewards you with a wedding related item, which is used to advance the quest storyline, and 20 broken hearts. Advancing the story is heavily dependent on acquiring the rare "Wedding Rings" drop, so be prepared for a lot of fights if you're not buying your way through this stupid game. (Hint: Buying your way through a stupid game is stupid. That's just science.)

You can continue to fight the Wife's Lover for mojo points every 30 mins after the storyline is complete.

Item Rarity

Quest requirements

Wedding dress

Uncommon 12

Wedding cake

Unc 13

Wedding bouquet

Uncommon 12

Wedding gifts

Uncommon 13

Wedding rings

Rare 9



Hen Party Edit

"Visit a party" (price: 89 gold, reward: 180 broken hearts + 1 random girl)

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