Sly Cop is the main quest in Sydney, you need to finish it to obtain Cindy. There are four locations where you should complete jobs. Completing the quest gives a 5 gold and 1250 experience bonus.


Break into the house.
Costs: 3x5 energy, 3x hat 9/1
Rewards: 3x150 bucks, 3x650 experience
Spy on her.
Costs: 5x6 energy, 5x pants 9/3
Rewards: 5x150 bucks, 5x700 experience
Take a photo.
Costs: 5x7 energy, 5x hero accessory 9/5
Rewards: 5x150 bucks, 5x750 experience
Try to get out
Costs: 5x4 energy, 5x body 9/2
Rewards: 5x250 bucks, 5x800 experience
Caught out.
Costs: 5x9 energy, 5x boots 9/4
Rewards: 5x150 bucks, 5x900 experience

TV StationEdit

Make the $100 bet.
Costs: 4x9 energy, 4x pants 6/3, 4x hero accessory 6/5
Rewards: 4x125 bucks, 4x1000 experience
Sneak into the studio
Costs: 5x8 energy, 5x body 6/2, 5x boots 6/4
Rewards: 5x110 bucks, 5x1000 experience, 1 random collectible
Get ready for the action
Costs: 5x8 energy, 5x hat 6/1, 5x pants 7/3
Rewards: 5x250 bucks, 5x1000 experience
Stick it in her mouth
Costs: 4x9 energy, 4x hat 9/1, 4x boots 9/4
Rewards: 4x150 bucks, 4x1000 experience
Cum on her face
Costs: 5x8 energy, 5x body 9/2, 5x hero accessory 9/5
Rewards: 5x95 bucks, 5x1000 experience
Surrender to the police
Costs: 6x8 energy, 6x hat 8/1, 6x pants 9/3
Rewards: 6x110 bucks, 6x1250 experience
At the police station.
Costs: 9x6 energy, 9x body 7/2, 9x boots 8/4
Rewards: 9x85 bucks, 9x750 experience


Give the neighbor a ride
Costs: 5x7 energy, 5x pants 7/3, 5x hero accessory 8/5
Rewards: 5x150 bucks, 5x1000 experience
Ask for money
Costs: 4x9 energy, 4x hat 6/1, 4x boots 6/4
Rewards: 4x190 bucks, 4x1000 experience
Get a blowjob.
Costs: 6x8 energy, 6x body 6/2, 6x pants 6/3
Rewards: 6x120 bucks, 6x1000 experience
Resist arrest
Costs: 6x8 energy, 6x hat 9/1, 6x body 9/2, 6x hero accessory 6/5
Rewards: 6x85 bucks, 6x1250 experience
Say goodbye
Costs: 7x8 energy, 7x hat 10/1
Rewards: 7x110 bucks, 7x750 experience


Find victims
Costs: 5x8 energy, 5x pants 10/3
Rewards: 5x110 bucks, 5x750 experience
Wait a little bit
Costs: 6x6 energy, 6x boots 10/4
Rewards: 6x120 bucks, 6x1000 experience
Whack off
Costs: 6x8 energy, 6x body 10/2
Rewards: 6x90 bucks, 6x1000 experience
Steal the clothes
Costs: 7x8 energy, 7x hero accessory 10/5
Rewards: 7x110 bucks, 7x1000 experience
Obey the police.
Costs: 7x9 energy, 7x hat 10/1, 7x pants 10/3, 7x boots 10/4
Rewards: 7x110 bucks, 7x1500 experience

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