Your character's status is an honorific title displayed under your character's name (see top centre of the screen). It has no in-game benefits. These are not associated with your experience level and are independently levelled, eventually by spending gold. You start as a Wanker, the girls from the first 13 cities need you to have the corresponding status to become fourth level. To reach it, you have to make the Businesses of the city third level and host some events.

In increasing order, the current statuses are:

  1. Sex Rookie, London, 1 event
  2. Titty Licker, Los Angeles, 2 events
  3. Pussy Lover, New York, 3 events
  4. Fucker, Paris, 5 events
  5. Ass Banger, Sydney, 8 events
  6. Fucking Pro, Tokyo, 8 events
  7. Sex Guru, Moscow, 8 events
  8. Fetishist, Rio, 8 events
  9. King of Anal, Berlin, 8 events
  10. Penetrator, Toronto, 8 events
  11. Sadist, Mexico, 8 events
  12. Dominator, Las Vegas, 8 events
  13. Pimp, Amsterdam, 8 events

Other known statuses include:

  • Novice, which isn't seen anymore. It might be an older name for Wanker.

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