The Queen of Ireland is a quest to obtain The Queen of Ireland, the local girl in Dublin. You have to finish the jobs in two locations. Completing the quest is rewarded with 10 gold and 1350 experience.

Leprechaun’s CaveEdit

Hey, the Leprechaun came out.
Costs: 7x4 energy
Rewards: 7x150 bucks, 7x650 experience, 7x4 mojo
Hide! The Leprechaun is mad!
Costs: 4x2 energy, 4x Fruit pot
Rewards: 4x150 bucks, 4x700 experience, 4x20 mojo
Point at the virgin.
Costs: 4x2 energy, 4x Emerald pot, 4x Gold pot
Rewards: 4x150 bucks, 4x750 experience, 4x40 mojo
Run! He'll destroy everything!
Costs: 5x6 energy
Rewards: 5x250 bucks, 5x800 experience, 5x4 mojo
Save the virgin!
Costs: 4x2 energy, 4x1Emerald pot, 4x1 Diamond pot, 4x1Booze pot
Rewards: 4x150 bucks, 4x900 experience, 4x60 mojo

Downtown CenterEdit

Those gays aren't gonna help.
Costs: 7x5 energy
Rewards: 7x190 bucks, 7x1000 experience
Get high, it's ending soon.
Costs: 4x2 energy, 4x Fruit pot, 4x Diamond pot
Rewards: 4x150 bucks, 4x1000 experience, 4x40 mojo
Snatch the weapons from the homos.
Costs: 4x2 energy, 4x Fruit pot, 4x Diamond pot, 4x Gold pot
Rewards: 4x120 bucks, 4x1000 experience, 4x60 mojo
Please save the town.
Costs: 6x6 energy
Rewards: 6x85 bucks, 6x1250 experience, 6x4 mojo
You have become the King of Ireland
Costs: 5x2 energy, 5x Emerald pot, 5x Gold pot, 5x Booze pot
Rewards: 5x85 bucks, 5x1250 experience, 5x60 mojo