Villa is the fourth (and last) location of Find a dealer., the main quest in Bangkok. It's a plain old location: spend some bucks and energy.

Villa 1


There’s an ambush at the boss’ villa.
Cost: 6x5 energy, 6x pants 6/3, 6x hero accessory 7/5
Rewards: 6x150 bucks, 6x650 experience, 6x10 coins
Villa 2


Bribe the cop.
Cost: 6x5 energy, 6x boots 6/4
Rewards: 6x150 bucks, 6x700 experience, 6x10 coins
Villa 3


Celebrating the rescue
Cost: 5x5 energy, 5x pants 2/3, 5x boots 1/4
Rewards: 5x150 bucks, 5x750 experience, 5x10 coins
Villa 4


Fuck them and seal the deal.
Cost: 4x6 energy, 6x hero accessory 2/5
Rewards: 4x250 bucks, 4x800 experience, 4x10 coins
Villa 5


Become partners.
Cost: 5x5 energy, 5x body 8/2
Rewards: 5x150 bucks, 5x900 experience, 5x10 coins

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